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Avocational Classes

Avocational Classes

Driving Lessons for Forklifts, Dump Truck, Tractor Trailers, Truck, Bus, Stick Shift Car

Commercial Driver Training, Inc.

New York’s Premier School for Commercial Driving

Welcome to Commercial Driver Training, Inc.—New York’s most trusted driving school for the workforce in the trucking industry. After decades of providing quality driving lessons for Tractor Trailers, trucks, and bus drivers, we have earned an impeccable reputation as a specialized provider of excellent programs to cover the unique and strict requirements of different sectors, from fleet companies to individuals choosing the path of commercial driving as a career.

A Tradition of Excellence

Founded in 1961, our school has been providing outstanding courses to produce highly skilled, emergency-prepared, and responsible commercial drivers. Our Mission is to develop professional drivers to have a strong outlook on life, safety, protection of property, equipment and the environment through team-work. We are able to achieve this consistently by using our proven training methods and by updating our curricula to comply with the current regulations.

At CDT, we take pride in our wealth of experience, as it resonates the high quality of training we are able to deliver without fail. We are proud of our crucial role of laying a solid cornerstone in the careers of individuals entering this demanding industry.

A Comprehensive Range of Courses

We offer a huge array of programs, both Career Programs and avocational courses, meticulously designed to provide participants essential knowledge and practical experience in driving. Our avocational courses are for those individuals wanting to undergo intensive training for tractor-trailer, truck, or bus driving. Our avocational programs include lessons to prepare just for road testing as well as for forklifts, dump trucks, and motorcycles. We also provide fleet training and refresher courses.

A World of Opportunities

The unparalleled driver training for trucks, trailers, and bus drivers we provide serves as a ticket to start a promising career in the trucking industry. Our team of experienced and adept instructors has exceptional teaching skills and exhibits unshakable integrity to guide participants throughout their journey to excellence.

Take a tour of our site for more about programs. Contact us today for inquiries.


Update as of 5/15/20- CDT remains closed due to NY State Governor's continued "NY on Pause" mandate for Non Essential businesses. With the new Phase plan set forth by the Governor we are monitoring this closely to see where we will be placed within the four (4) Phases outlined. Until that is determined we cannot predict a re-open date. NYS DMV still remains closed. Road tests are all cancelled by DMV until further notice. CDT is monitoring the situation daily- please keep checking back to our website for updates. If you need to reach an office staff member immediately please send an email to: cdtwb@aol.com. Please stay well and safe.