Thank you very much Lisa for your amazing help with this project. I have received the confirmation on the credit card. We look forward to working with you.

I just wanted to thank you so much for all your help with the Tractor Trailer and instructor you sent us last night. I heard everything went very smoothly.  We are very grateful for all the continued help CDT has provided.
Looking forward to working with you again.



Maura Ronda

I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you for the quality training that you have provided the drivers for United parcel services Long Island District

The initial training provided by CDT is thorough and precise. the system that you have in place to get the people prepared for the written permit test right up to the road test is excellent. the amount of time and effort is evident by the high success rate of the drivers on their road tests.

It is comforting to know that the people sent to CDT are going to come to us with a working knowledge of the equipment and the skills to drive up to the high safety standards of Unites parcel Services.

We are looking forward to many years of continued success with Commercial Driver Training Inc.

Robert E. Scanion - Robert E. Scanion

The following is a letter of reference for CDT. The Massapequa fir department has been doing business with CDT since 1992. We have found them very accommodating when it came to scheduling training sessions either in the classroom or on our trucks. the membership has informed us that CDT's staff is very professional and helpful. We have found that our members are trained with a great deal of professionalism and knowledge. If I can be of any further assistance please contact me at the above prone number from Monday thru Friday.
Mary Ann Hayden,
District Secretary

Mary Ann Hayden, District Secretary - Massapequa Fire District

Thanks for all of your help.Tom is great and Lenny gives good notes. You cant go wrong with them. Your school definately carries out its mission. One Again Thank You!

Andres Perez - TBTA Operation

just wanted to say thanks to you guys for the training I received which helped me pass my road test. especially Jeff who to me was by far the best instructor, he broke thing down for me was very patient and created a great system for remembering thing as well as gave me confidence, please thank him for me!!! you guys are great and i will always recommended you guys to anyone i know looking to get there CDL license, thanks again john.

John Johnston - John Johnston

I wanted to take a momment to compalement your team and how professional and helpful there are. When I first thoguht of upgrading my license to a class B, your company was the place that came to mind. I dont know of anubody who had gone there to help give me a reference as to how well your school was. I would soon learn need the two practice sessions, the road test exam that was offered in the brochure and a medical card. i obtained my medical card from a doctors that gloria recommeneded to me. the next day i came in to your office to schedule my first practical test. she is a great asset to your office staff.

My two practice driver exams were conducted by tom and charlie. they were both a pleasure to have as instructors and they were very knowledgeable drivers. they were a very big help in getting me prepared for taking tht test and helpng me to be a better drivers overall. they both seemed to care about helping me with not only getting me to pass the drivers road test but to be a more aware and capable driver. they are experience and knowledge really showed through during my traing. i can't say enough good thing about my experience with yout company and your dedicated employee's.

I took the road test driver exam with a more confident attitide and felt very prepared to take the test. i passed the drivers exam with no points off and owe that to youe team of helpfull employee's. i feel bveter driver having gone through your training program sincerely

Danial Gennaro - green giant tree service inc.

The course did a great job of preparing me and I have recommended CDT every chance I've gotten.

John Hirschberger - John Hirschberger

Hi Gloria how the diet going bet you look great. before I graduated you provided my class with a list of over the road companies you had us highlight several as having gotten feedback from other graduates regarding good places to work. one of those we highlighted was "watking & shepard tucking". their based out of Montana with terminals around the country.I started working long haul with them back in December. i work out of their Sayreville NJ terminal.this past April i started short haul with them primary is the northeast region .i enjoy what i 'm doing all have to say the instructors at CDT did a great job preparing me for this new career.send a shout out to Joe m,chuck, and that grumpy yard jockey, john best to you and all at CDT.

John Looney - John Looney

I just completed and passed my road test and now have my class B CDL.The 6 lessons i took at commercial Driver Training were excellent! The instructors were friendly and knowledgeable but insisted on good driving behavior.Kudos to them!The administrative staff was very organized and helpful. A pleasure to deal with.In short my experience at CDL was very good.Thank you.

A review of your services - Guy Hildebrandt

I wanted to take some time to convey some thoughts about a class we took last Friday.As a student who was a general Manager for Harley Davidson dealerships for 18 years I feel i can make some observations regarding that class.I was so impressed with the way Gloria navigated through a very important part of all of the students future job hunting.and the way she taught the lesson in a way that the students felt comfortable.
I was the person doing the interviewing and hiring for many year and she was spot on correct with her ideas and strategies to get thru the application process,the very important resume preparation and then most of all"The dreded interview process". I was totally blown away with her knowledge as well as her ability to put the students in a "I CAN DO THAT"frame of mind.I want to share something with you about an experience I had many years ago.I applied for a position as a Regional Manager for Green Tree Financial a retail installment loan bank. I had a lot of experience in sales and finance in the marine industry but only a GED in eduction. But I applied and followed up every other day to Bud Durant the VP in charge of hiring for the position,he eventually hired me because in his words " you were relentless about landing the job" so i took a chance on an inexperienced candidate that really wanted the job.Fast forward to last week, and guess what Gloria stressed?


I want to thank you for allowing me to take this course that is being taught by true professionals, Gloria and Lenny who are both assets to your company.

George Dennis - George Dennis

Update as of 6/19/20- CDT is now OPEN..... Please do not come to the Office without an APPOINTMENT!! We will require customer's to have an appointment to come in for information. A face covering is required. When you arrive on-site you should call the Office 631-249-1330 for further instructions. The DMV is still not open for “in-person” transactions but we are hoping that when our Region is cleared for Phase 3 they will start doing permit testing. Road tests have resumed. CDT has met all the guidelines required to begin training classes. CDT will email all student's our guidelines prior to any confirmed training classes. Next Full Time Training Class Date is 7/6/20 Part Time Weekends is 8/1/20. You can enroll online and submit your application and a School Representative will contact you to set an appointment for admission. Please stay well and be safe.